27 February 2021

Tender Opportunities with Bridge 47

To support the final phase of the Bridge 47 project, and with a view of enhancing the work of the Bridge 47 Network, several consultancy opportunities are now available for submission.

Partnerships Publication 

Bridge 47 is seeking a consultant to use the learning gained from the range of different Bridge 47 partnerships from over the course of the project, and other identified partnerships, to write a practical, engaging, and reflective publication to inspire and motivate global CSOs to engage in meaningful cross-sector partnerships to advance the mission of Global Citizenship Education.

We welcome submissions from all interested parties, but would particularly encourage organisations or individuals who have an understanding of the values of transformative education and a creative flair for copy writing.

For any questions, please contact

Deadline for submissions: 10 March

Advocacy Research for SDG Target 4.7

Bridge 47 is looking to contract a maximum of 8 advocacy research consultants, with the purpose of creating publications on key research themes linked to the Envision 4.7 Roadmap.

The purpose of the advocacy research consultancy roles will be to create publications and accompanying materials on the key research topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals. These publications will support advocacy for more space for Target 4.7 of Agenda 2030 in European and global policies.

This opportunity may be of particular interest to consultants with experience in working with research or advocacy for the advancement of Global Citizenship Education and/or Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7., with an interest in linking research with advocacy.

For any questions, please contact –

Deadline for submissions: 10 March

Network Publication

Bridge 47 is aiming to appoint an individual or organisation to create a publication on the topic of Transformative Learning for Powerful Networks.

The purpose of this consultancy role will be to create a publication and accompanying materials that draw on the experience of the Bridge 47 Network to bring Global Citizenship Education to life in a way that is tangible and engaging for a civil society audience. It should present good examples of using GCE and transformative learning for internal, organisational learning in civil society, as well as for meaningful engagement with citizens.

This opportunity may be most relevant for organisations or individuals with experience of working on transformative education and directly with civil society but we welcome submissions from all interested parties.

For any questions, please contact

Deadline for Submissions: 10 March

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