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Joint Call for Papers in Partnership with Sinergias ED

Date added: 12 November 2019

We are pleased to inform you that a call is open for the submission of articles in a joint issue between Sinergias magazine and Revista Fomento Social de la Universidad Loyola Andalucía, within the scope of the Bridge 47 project in which the Sinergias ED project has been participating as a part of the Iberian Knowledge Exchange Partnership.

Global Citizen Education Goes to the big and little screens

Date added: 12 November 2019

This autumn, Bridge 47’s Estonian national officers in AKÜ organised a month-long media programme entitled The Month of Human Rights to bring human rights themed films to both to national television and cinema as part of our ongoing partnership with the national broadcasting company ERR and its channels, ETV2.

Envision 4.7 Will be LIVE!

Date added: 1 November 2019

We are very excited about our upcoming event, Envision 4.7 where we will be creating a roadmap for the future implementation of Target 4.7 in Europe.