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We want to ensure that the essential role of Global Citizenship Education in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals is reflected in UN, European and national policies and plans.

We believe that Global Citizenship Education has a vital role to play in creating a fairer and more inclusive world, where individuals and communities come together and change the world. Confronting and overcoming global challenges, from social exclusion to climate change requires an international understanding of the problems we face. And this requires shared solutions.

The values of Global Citizenship Education need to be reflected in the objectives and practices of policymakers, governments, civil society organisations and communities. This is the only way to achieve sustainable development.

Diversifying Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education should be extended beyond formal education and become a core part of all forms of learning and education. We can only shape an inclusive society and a fairer world through a better understanding of global issues and our responsibilities as global citizens. This is what lifelong learning based on Global Citizenship Education has to offer. Global Citizenship Education has a role to play in increasing capacity in all policy related to all of the Sustainable Development Goals. Everyone should have access to learning on global issues throughout their lives.

Bridge 47 works to achieve a diversified understanding of Global Citizenship Education through advocating for policy changes in the fields of International Development, Education, Social Inclusion and Agenda 2030, putting lifelong learning and citizens’ empowerment at the heart of policy and implementation. We collaborate on advocacy activity to further this at the national level, through institutions like the European Commission and Council of Europe, and through ensuring Global Citizenship Education is included in discussion of all the Sustainable Development Goals at the UN’s High Level Political Forum.

Valuing Global Citizenship Education

It is vital that the benefits of Global Citizenship Education to individuals and society at large are properly understood and articulated. Global Citizenship Education has a crucial role in building strong communities which are resilient in an ever-changing world. It achieves this by shaping policy and practices which are socially and environmentally sustainable, and empowering citizens to participate in overcoming global challenges. Bridge 47 is supporting civil society to effectively evidence the benefits and measure the impact of Global Citizenship Education.

Increasing Capacity for Global Citizenship Education

In order for advocacy on Global Citizenship Education to be effective at the national, European and global levels, Bridge 47 is supporting civil society to carry out advocacy work in their specific context.

Increasing capacity means supporting civil society with the skills and expertise to lead on policy change in their own context. We do this through running trainings on advocacy skills and Global Citizenship Education. Information, advocacy tools and research on Global Citizenship Education are made available through the Bridge 47 Resource Library, ensuring access to effective methods for securing change.

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