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MUNDU - center for global education is an independent organisation and the only one in Denmark with global education as its main purpose.

MUNDU has been active in Development Education Forum and DEEEP projects. At present the organisation is active in Hub 4 in CONCORD and represents Denmark in the North-South Centre of Council of Europe. MUNDU has one national officer in Bridge 47.


MUNDU has always kept a close connection to Danish schools, teachers as well as teacher students in general offering courses, seminars, conferences and workshops on global issues and global education.

MUNDU publishes educational materials, website and creates intercultural events and exchange programmes. MUNDU offers consulting services regarding global education, Sustainable Development Goals in education as well as everything related to global issues in formal education.

MUNDU has always worked with animators rooted in other cultures than Danish and with educational boxes filled with surprising artefacts from poor countries. MUNDU is cooperating with national organisations as well as organisations and movements in Asia and Africa.

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MUNDU and Bridge 47

MUNDU is working in both the Partnerships and the Innovation teams. For partnerships, MUNDU is exploring potential advocacy partnerships in order to strengthen Global Citizenship Education as well as taking part in a Nordic Knowledge Exchange Partnership. MUNDU's role in the Innovation team is to coordinate the Train-the-Trainers activity (together with VENRO) for the full project.