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Educasol is the French platform on Citizenship Education and International Solidarity. Created in 2004, Educasol gathers 30 active members, all civil society organisations.

Educasol has three main goals:

  • To do advocacy on Global Citizenship Education (with a Think Tank group)
  • To observe the different practices and stakholders involved in Global Citizenship Education (with an Observatory)
  • To identify innovative ways of doing Global Citizenship Education (with a Laboratory).

Educasol in Bridge 47

Due to its role at the national level, Educasol is one of the 15 partners of the Bridge 47 project.

Educasol is particularly involved in the work of the Advocacy Team, leading advocacy work in the field of education.


Educasol - Plate-forme française d'éducation à la citoyenneté et à la solidarité internationale

47 Avenue Pasteur, 93100 Montreuil sous bois

+ 33 1 45 81 09 14


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