The State of Global Education in Europe reports on policy, strategy and funding for Global Education in European countries, based primarily on information submitted by the ministries, agencies and national coordinating bodies that participate in GENE (Global Education Network Europe).

This third edition of the report identifies thematic trends and crosscutting issues and explores funding levels for Global Education across Europe. It also includes a chapter outlining some of the work done on evaluation across GENE, and concludes with a selection of highlights from the network. There are examples of national policy and practice throughout the report. Previous reports are also available on GENE website.

This is a baseline document that offers an overview of the current state of affaires in GCE in Europe, as seen by GENE network members – ministries, agencies and other governmental institutions with national responsibility for Global Education. This report gives an overview of policy development and funding trends in GENE member states. It identifies both certain risks and opportunities for the sector in relation to changing context on the continent, marked by financial instability, rise of nationalism(s) and populist politics.

It offers basic insight into different national contexts and as such can serve as a database for establishing new connections and more detailed learning lessons from particular examples. This document does not engage critically with GCE practice, but it does offer examples of how GCE has been used to address particular public concerns, such as preventing violent extremism, integration of refugee children and others.