This is the website of the Ecoversities Alliance, an international network of over 100 alternative universities and learning spaces. Members of the network have been working together since 2015 through international and regional gatherings, learning exchanges, campaigns, workshops, learning journeys, film festivals and publications.

The network itself is not a formal organization (nor is it hosted by one), although its members are organizations and initiatives at different levels of formalization. Members include educational initiatives that each seek a different way of developing educational alternatives that would be relevant to learners in times of shifting global realties. Coming from backgrounds of both high and low-intensity political, social and ecological struggles members of the network seek to “re-imagine higher education to cultivate human and ecological flourishing in response to the critical challenges of our times.”

The website contains links to many of the networks’ members, which could be considered as potential partners in developing global partnerships beyond the traditional GCE sector, especially since the Ecoversities network’s memberships spans across 5 continents. The publications developed within the network, as well as available videos, contain examples of educational alternatives that have emerged from very different social contexts than those often encountered in mainstream GCE. Particularly relevant can be lessons learned from organisations and initiatives that operate in the contexts of high-intensity struggles of various marginalized communities, as they challenge many of the normalized assumptions about education, progress, development, sustainability and well-being that inform the vast majority of mainstream approaches to GCE.