Bridge 47 have released a publication on 'Transformative Competencies - How to Define and Implement Competencies for SDG Target 4.7', written by Johanna Helin.

Transformative Competencies

The need to define the transformative competencies required for building a sustainable and just future became more urgent with the adoption of the Target 4.7 within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The target is historic, as for the first time, the importance of transformative education is acknowledged at a global level. However, the target is challenging to achieve, as it does not specify the “knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development”.

This paper was commissioned to support advocacy for SDG Target 4.7 in European and global policies by exploring the concept of ‘Competencies for SDG Target 4.7’. This advocacy paper draws from a desk review of existing global and regional competency frameworks at national, regional and global levels. The aim is to get a clearer understanding of these transformative competencies and how they help the implementation and assessment of Target 4.7.

This paper is divided in three sections. The first section provides background to the different world views that frame the discussion on competencies, before turning to presenting some of the competency frameworks for Target 4.7. The second section gives some examples of how these competencies are being introduced into national education policies, professional skills training and lifelong learning. The paper finishes with conclusions and policy recommendations.

This publication is part of a series of publications commissioned to support advocacy for more space for Target 4.7 and Agenda 2030 in European and global policies. The publications are created to encourage discussion and represent the author’s view on the topic.