The Envision 4.7 Roadmap is a policy guideline for the future implementation of SDG Target 4.7 in Europe.

The Roadmap features 17 recommendations which can be used to shape and advice policy to ensure Global Citizenship Education remains a priority, as summarised below: 

Main Recommendation

A pan-European overarching strategy for Target 4.7 needs to be developed at the latest by 2021. In order to guide this European strategy, a multi-stakeholder group with relevant expertise needs to be established.

Transformative Education for Target 4.7

Target 4.7 reflects the transformative power of education by promoting global citizenship, sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, peace, and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Recognition of the Value of Life-Long Learning Supported Through Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Education

Learners mentioned in SDG Target 4.7 include lifelong learners, therefore it is important to equally value all forms of education, and support life-long learning as they play an essential role in furthering equal opportunities, social inclusion, social cohesion and a sustainable future.

Cross-sectorial Cooperation

The scale and ambition of SDG Target 4.7 requires multilevel and cross-sectorial partnerships with local and national governments, members of parliament, private sector, civil society, EU, Council of Europe, UN system, academics, media, youth and educators, and improved cooperation and coordination across-European, national and regional levels across all policy areas.

Indicators for 4.7

The current global indicator on Target 4.7 is largely, but not exclusively, related to the formal education system. Efforts should be made to ensure education undertaken in other settings (non-formal and informal) are fully recognized, as including lifelong learning as an indicator for 4.7 validates its importance. In measuring progress, greater clarity on how 4.7 relates to local contexts is also required, as this assists in determining monitoring and assessment indicators.

Competencies for 4.7

Education in all its forms plays an essential role in furthering equal opportunities, social inclusion and social cohesion, and has a fundamental role in developing the competencies that enable learners to play active roles as citizens in democratic societies and to support their personal development. Wide multi-stakeholder partnerships should be established to identify and further develop existing global and European competency frameworks.

Resources for 4.7

As Target 4.7 is key to the wider implementation of the 2030 Agenda, sufficient resources are needed to achieve its implementation across Europe. These include the prioritisation of Target 4.7, dedicated and adequate long-term funding strategies, appropriate technology and the development of relevant capacities and capabilities.

The Target 4.7 Roadmap is attached below.