OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE? GCE and Cross-Sector Partnerships for Sustainable Development 

This new publication shares the learnings from a diverse range of cross-sector partnerships spearheaded by the Bridge 47 Project and our consortium partners across Europe. 

It demonstrates the potential of Global Citizenship Education partnerships involving civil society and a wide range of actors in different sectors: from policy makers to academia, from media to health services, from businesses to museums.  To illustrate the range of these collaborations and inspire others, nine case studies are presented in the publication.  

Each section offers reflective questions to support the reader to think critically and practically about how a partnership with a new and potentially ‘unusual’ sector could support them to achieve their mission, who to approach and how, and what type of partnership to aim for. 

The experiences gained from the Bridge 47 partnerships offer an insight into how partnerships can be started, the pitfalls to avoid and how opportunities can be made use of: addressing the challenges of sustainable development through education and learning.