Slovakia - Ambrela

Ambrela pictogram
Photo by Marián Matej on Unsplash

Ambrela – Platform for Development Organisations (previously known as 'PMVRO - the Slovak NGDO Platform') is a partner organisation of Bridge 47, active in areas of Innovation, Partnerships and Advocacy for Global Citizenship Eduation.

Ambrela and Bridge 47

Ambrela is managing a sub-granting mechanism of the project (together with SLOGA), which is aiming to help raise capacities of smaller and local non-governmental organisations working with Global Citizenship Education throughout the Bridge 47 project countries.

Ambrela is a proud member of the Bridge 47 project and network. By active participation in the project's activities and network's decision-making, Ambrela aims to co-create a space where Global Citizenship Education is offered as an opportunity to solve the most pressing challenges of our times.

Bridge 47 in Slovakia

Ambrela is an umbrella organisation of 27 non-governmental development organisations in Slovakia, many of which focus on Global Citizenship Education. Ambrela bridges their work on national level with the activities of Bridge 47.