At the beginning of October, a group of 22 educational activists and researchers from 13 European countries embarked together on the Bridge 47 – Transformative Learning Journey.

Accompanied by an international team of facilitators (Bobby McCormack, Tereza Čajková and Timo Holthoff) the group started exploring the root causes of global crises and how to tackle them with transformative education and action for systemic change. The group enjoyed three intensive and inspiring days of inputs, exchanges, discussions, theatre and body-based work, nature experiences and storytelling around the fire by the river bank of the Havel in Germany.

The Transformative Learning Journey will now enter into a two-month long explorative phase in which the participants apply the learnings from the workshop in analysing their own organisations and reflecting on their own work. In the remaining 8 months of this action and reflection based training course the participants will reconvene for two more workshops, design and conduct an Action Experiment and keep in touch through webinars and online learning.

The motto of this journey is “the journey is more important than the destination”. Bridge 47 is looking forward to learning about the experiences and insights -  gesturing towards a more transformative, emancipatory and decolonial Global Citizenship Education, as part of co-creating a future worth living.