Bridge 47 to participate in Roundtable at EADI ISS Conference 2021 “Solidarity, Peace, and Social Justice”   

The Roundtable will explore the following four questions: 

"What role can transformative education play in responding to the global challenges of the century? 

What capacities, skills and knowledge are needed to cope with the changing realities?  

What role can transformative education, as captured in Target 4.7. of the Sustainable Development Goals, play in preparing us to respond to and cope with our new realities?  

What steps can we take now in order to help us prepare? " 

This event will be covered on the Bridge 47 Social Media and an update of the event will be provided on our website. 

Speakers include Rilli Lappalainen, Director Finish Development NGOs FINGO and Bridge 47, Tereza Tereza Čajkova, Independent consultant and researcher, Robert Jjuuko, Educationist, Researcher and Development Consultant, International Council for Adult Education ICAE, Jyotsna Mohan, Regional Coordinator, Asia Development Alliance and Su-Ming Khoo, National University of Ireland, Galway. The facilitator of the roundtable will be Susanne von Itter, Executive Secretary, EADI.

Further details on the event are available on the EADI website

For further information on the Roundtable please contact Talia Vela-Eiden, EADI at or Patricija Virtič  Bridge 47