Bridge 47 Network members are invited to co-organise and run sessions at Bridge 47’s four-day IMAGINE 4.7 Global event in May.

IMAGINE 4.7 Event

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Our Global event will share some of our learnings and celebrate the journey we’ve embarked on together with the Bridge 47 Network. By reconnecting for four days on 25-28 May, we hope to challenge the “old ways of doing things” and to dream of brighter futures. We look forward to new inspiration and input from passionate people who wish to learn and exchange together with us. 

Let's celebrate the diverse ways we can work on SDG Target 4.7 at IMAGINE 4.7! 

Visit the IMAGINE 4.7 event page to learn more about the event.

Submit a Session

Bridge 47 would like to take this opportunity to invite Network members to help us co-organise our virtual Global event. A session can be anything: a workshop, a performance, a policy debate, a seminar, a comedy sketch, or something else. Sessions will be 1-2 hours long, and all sessions will take place virtually. 

Selections will be made based on the relevance of the proposal for the Bridge 47 Network, inclusive and transformative methodology and diversity in terms of topics, profiles and backgrounds. If there are similar proposals, we may couple interesting proposals together, as there are limited time slots available. 

To apply, fill out this online application form.  

Deadline for submissions is 4 April 2021. 

If you have any questions, please forward them to Alen Maletic at