The Bridge 47 Project is looking to contract a technical consultant with the purpose of technically supporting this global event taking place in the context of the Bridge 47 project, where participants will share learnings and celebrate the journey embarked on with the Bridge 47 Network.

The deadline for applications has been extended to Sunday 11 April.

About Bridge 47

The Bridge 47 project aims to mobilise global civil society to contribute to global justice and eradication of poverty through global citizenship education.

The Bridge 47 project focuses on the following areas:

  • Bridge 47 network: The project sets up a vibrant global coalition in support of global citizenship. 
  • Advocacy at national, EU and global level. The project works to change policies at national, EU and global level to better recognise the essential role of Global Citizenship Education in achieving Agenda 2030, global justice and eradication of poverty. 
  • Development of partnerships: The project creates new partnerships – advocacy, knowledge exchange and exploratory partnerships – with a range of different actors, from policy makers to academia, and from media to police and military, in support of Global Citizenship Education. 
  • Capacity development and innovation: The project builds the capacity of European and civil society organisations (CSOs) to work with and create innovations for Global Citizenship Education. 

Purpose of the role 

The purpose of the consultancy will be to technically support the 4 day event in various aspects (see main deliverables below). The Bridge 47 Network is a vibrant coalition in support of transformative learning across continents. We are creating a space for members to collaborate on transforming our societies through education and to help them spot inspiring, out of the box opportunities for cooperation.  

The objectives of the event are: 

  • to build on the collective intelligence of the Network: looking back on our journeys, sharing success stories and lessons learned; 
  • to build a momentum for change: offering networking and partnering spaces for members to connect and imagine different transformative cooperation; 
  • to offer food for thought and support inspiration in the Bridge 47 community:  facilitating discussions on what innovation and transformation mean in ever-changing contexts; 
  • finding commonalities between the very different struggles and areas that members are tackling in their work and lives. 

Format of the event 

  • 25-28 May 2021 
  • Fully virtual 
  • 10- 15 diverse sessions each 1-2 hours, during different hours of the day 
  • Diverse themes of sessions and levels of formality (keynote speeches, workshops, inputs, socializing and networking, sport and yoga sessions, storytelling, online city walks, ec.) 

Main tasks 

Consultant(s) is/are expected to technically advise and support, which can include creative presenting formats and other tools: 

Before the event: 

  • Coordination with the Bridge 47 responsible leading the event 
  • Consulting Bridge 47 event coordinators on: 
  • Conceptualisation of the technical aspects of the event 
  • Possible digital tools and online platforms for hosting the event 
  • Organising socialising activities like coffee breaks  
  • Evaluation tools  
  • Coordination and consultation with facilitator(s) 
  • Preparation of accompanying tools like online pinboards, collaborative text documents for taking minutes etc.  
  • Technical check appointments with the facilitators and speakers participants some days before the event and advising them in case of problems. 
  • Provision of technology (video conference systems, microphones, video cameras, video mixer) 
  • Technical setup 
  • Eventually provision of tools, licenses and Platforms 
  • Provision of technical guidelines in English 

 During the event:  

  • Attendance approx. 30 minutes before the start of the event 
  • Technical support (screen sharing, muting microphones, showing video content…)  
  • Recording of the event (if necessary) 
  • Eventually presentation of and introduction to the technical setup at the beginning of the event  
  • Technical support of the experts and participants during the webinar
  • Support of the moderator/facilitator (e.g. monitoring of chat messages…) 
  • Setup, start and end of group sessions (breakout rooms)  
  • Support with the documentation of results and evaluations of the event(s) 
  • Live broadcasting of event on social media channels,  youtube, etc. as well as monitoring and collecting of comments on these channels.  
  • Social media community management 

After the event: 

  • Securing of results and transmission of the recording (if applicable), the chat transcript, participants lists and further results

Management and support 

The consultancy work involves working in close collaboration with the Bridge 47 staff. The consultant will be supported by, and work in close collaboration with the Bridge 47 Network Team. The overall management responsibility of the consultancy is with Fingo – Finnish Development NGOs.


Applicants may be individuals, groups of individuals with a designated team lead, or consultants. The applicants must have at minimum the following qualifications: 

  • Knowledge and experience of technically supporting larger virtual events 
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with diverse online formats, approaches, tool and methods   
  • Experience of working and cooperating with (international) Civil Society Organisations and Networks 
  • Desirable: knowledge and experience working with using GCE and transformative learning 
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English. 
  • Ability to communicate with and write messages for a variety of audiences. 

Additionally, the application/offer/contract will be invalid if the applicant: 

  • Has been convicted of an offence or a crime concerning professional conduct by a judgment which has the forece of res judicata, 
  • Has engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive and/or coercive practices. 
  • Is not a legal person effectively established in a Member State or a country, territory or region mentioned as eligible by the relevant regulation/basic act governing the eligibility rules as per Annex a2 to the Practical Guide. (If you are unsure whether you are established in an eligible country, do not hesitate to contact us)  

Timeline for consultancy

These tasks are envisioned to take 5-8 days, between April 2021 and May 2021.

Application process

Interested applicants should submit a tender including technical and financial offer with the title “Tender: Technical support for Bridge 47 Global Online Conference “no later than 4 April to

Applications will be reviewed, and the candidates shortlisted by the Bridge 47 team. A few suitable candidates will be interviewed prior to final decision.

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a tender including the following:

A. Technical offer

The technical offer (no more than 3 pages excluding annexes) should include the following sections:

  • Specific Expertise: Describe your overall knowledge, technical experience and expertise with these activities.  
  • Relevant experience: Provide details of similar scope, complexity and nature you have previously worked on. 
  • Key personnel and staffing: Describe the key personnel. Include CVs (no more than 2 pages each and attached as annex) of key personnel who will be part of the proposed plan. 
  • Timeline: Include a detailed timeline of key activities. 

B. Financial offer

The financial offer should include a line-item budget and a budget narrative. The cost estimates used to prepare the budget should be presented in euros. The tenderer should include their proposed daily rate, which should include all costs. Value for money will be considered in tender evaluation.

This is primarily a desk-based piece of work and additional costs would need to be agreed before undertaking any non-desk-based work.

Decision criteria

Decisions will be made by 3-person selection committees, for each of the research topics, based on the following criteria:

• Previous experience of technically supporting online events (40%)

• Clarity and suitability of the proposed approach and timeline (20%)

• A tender and proposed approach that correspond to the values and demonstrates understanding of Bridge 47 (20%)

• Affordability and value for money (20%)


Advertisement published: 8 March 2021

Deadline for submitting tenders: 11 April 2021

Selections take place: beginning of April

Consultants appointed and start working: mid April


Any questions should be directed to Bridge 47 Network Officer (