New translations for Bridge 47’s report on ‘Global Citizenship Education (GCE) for Unknown Futures: Mapping Past and Current Experiments and Debates’, written by Rene Suša, are now available in in French and Spanish.

‘GCE for Unknown Futures’ provides a thorough overview of current debates and opportunities within the field of Global Citizenship Education (GCE), and builds upon Vanessa Andreotti's recent work on the taxonomy of soft, radical and beyond reform spaces for GCE, relating these to current (international) policy developments in the field.

The report also offers examples of narratives about GCE for different target groups, such as policy makers, potential new partners and other interested individuals, that work to create space for more critical (non-mainstream) approaches to GCE.

"We are excited to be able to present to you this amazing publication in various languages, as we want to reach a wide and multi-lingual audience, discussing the understandings and significance of the GCE concept to and for societies." - Ricarda Motschilnig, Bridge 47 Global Network Officer

Translated versions of this publication can be found below and in our resource library.