In response to UNESCO’s Futures of Education consultation, Bridge 47 has released the following report on the power that transformative education has to address future challenges, including those linked to inequalities, climate change and health. 

Through the consultation process UNESCO raises questions about the importance and purpose of education by 2050. In a fast-evolving world, Bridge 47 supports the idea that education should foster the kind of education that helps learners of all ages to become active global citizens and thus contribute to building a more just and sustainable report world for all. 

The report, ‘The Role of Education in Addressing Future Challenges’, further emphasises the importance of measuring and monitoring the progress towards achieving the transformative vision of education as outlined in Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7. It is hoped that the overall Future of Education report will encourage a measuring framework for SDG 4.7 that acknowledges the connection between non-formal and formal education as well as supporting dialogue between key actors that the reflect any conceptual shifts within the fields of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education.