Bridge 47 held an interactive workshop on strategies to advance Global Citizenship Education (GCE) as part of this year’s AFS Global Conference in Montreal, Canada.

Partnerships team members; Maeve Galvin, Agne Kuimet and Patricija Virtic led the workshop which was at full capacity. The session showcased all four outcomes of the Bridge 47 project; how to build effective networks, advocate for better policies that reflect the role of GCE, develop partnerships with diverse stakeholders and implement innovative techniques for GCE. A workshop highlight was when participants were engaged in an experiential role-play where they were given personas of various stakeholders and asked to develop uncomfortable partnerships.

“We had a great response to our workshop and participants stayed in the room for about 45 minutes afterwards speaking to us about ideas on how to work together,” said Maeve Galvin, Partnerships Coordinator, Bridge 47.

“It was wonderful to see how strong the appetite is for Global Citizenship Education and our ideas on how to achieve SDG target 4.7 among Canadian and United States organisations, most of whom we were meeting for the first time. We made good connections with educators, technology companies and other civil society that we are hopeful will lead to some impactful work.”

Partnerships team members Maeve Galvin and Patricija Virtic at the 2019 AFS conference

Five hundred participants from more than one hundred organisations participated in this year’s AFS Global Conference bringing together government representatives, education practitioners, NGOs and private sector. The conference theme was Active Global Citizenship and how to educate for it.

AFS, an intercultural learning organization which began as the American Ambulance Field Service, a volunteer ambulance corps created in April 1915 convenes this annual event to stimulate collaboration and cooperation among leaders in education, NGOs, business and government committed to make this learning available to young people and empowering them to become active changemakers in their community and the world.


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