This is the international portal of the degrowth movement, hosted by Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, a Leipzig-based think tank for social, democratic and ecological economy. The portal offers information about the concept of degrowth and degrowth-related events and projects, especially about the international Conferences on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity.

The web portal contains a comprehensive degrowth media library with audio, video and text materials, an active degrowth blog, links to two discussion forums on degrowth as well as a calendar of events. The portal emerged as a follow-up to the 6th degrowth conference in Leipzig, 2014.

This portal offers relevant information about the international degrowth movement, which currently numbers 114 member organisations, mostly from within EU. Of particular value is the degrowth blog, where members of the movement share their critical observations about the difficulties and challenges encountered in their professional and personal lives as they strive to bring degrowth ideas to fruition.

While the website offers conceptual explanations of the degrowth idea, as well as documentation from previous degrowth events (conferences), arguably the greatest values of this portal lies in the reflections, published in the blog that are largely very authentic documents of the inherent paradoxes and conundrums between what the movement is calling for and what is feasible within existing socio-political landscape. For those interested in building new partnerships the list of organisations that are part of the movement and that can be accessed through this website could also provide a valuable database of potential partners.