This report by Johannes Krause reflects the outcomes and results, the challenges and dilemmas, the achievements and lessons learnt of the DEEEP4 project (2013-2015). It is a highly original and appreciatively critical assessment that highlights the key paradoxes inherent in the ambition and mission of DEEEP4. The report is a reflection by a “critical friend” that accompanied the project team throughout the 3 years and was also part of all the major events that transpired.

The resource was created to provide feedback the DEEEP staff and Management Group, the European Commission and other funders, as well as the wider constituency of partners and stakeholders around DEEEP with feedback and reflections on the key achievements and major struggles of DEEEP4. It is written in a very accessible, personal language that captures what “official” reports cannot.

Given the many parallels between the work of DEEEEP and Bridge 47, this reflection piece provides an honest account of some of the irresolvable challenges that DEEEP and its staff faced. It provides insight into what were the most valuable and transformative moments with the project, some of the unexpected outcomes and an account both its “successes” and “failures”. For anyone interested in “failing differently” this report is a very good place to start. It is of particular value to the newcomers to the field, as it also outlines the broader context of the NGDO field in EU, including some of the fields internal tensions. 


While it is not a direct response, this report features reference to “Building global citizens movement” that kicked-off with the pivotal Conference in Johannesburg in November 2013.