Shared across social media today with the hashtag #DEARProgramme, the European Union’s Development Education and Awareness Raising programme has created a new video giving an overview of the kind of work that DEAR-funded projects do in campaigning and advocacy. 

As a DEAR-funded project, Bridge 47 is delighted to connect with other activity happening across Europe and organisations that are, as the video states, amplifying citizens’ voices on the important issues of today.  

The principles of Global Citizenship Education are emphasised by the video’s focus on the strength of collective action, as active citizens come together to advocate for change - in both physical and virtual spaces. 

At the moment, the future of the DEAR programme, along with the rest of the EU budget, is being negotiated. As these conversations take place, there is an opportunity to ensure that the EU budget is more closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals set in Agenda 2030. This also holds true for the DEAR programme, as it covers Global Citizenship Education, which is a key instrument for achieving Agenda 2030. 

You can read insights from DEAR programme projects, including in response to Covid-19: