Why is transformative education a vital response to the multiple challenges of the future? 

Bridge 47 have commissioned a research publication on Foresight for SDG 4.7 exploring this question, written by Tereza Čajková.

The report explores the role of transformative education as described in SDG Target 4.7 in responding to the global challenges, risks and trends of the future, and is split into three sections: 

  • Part 1 presents an overview of mega-trends, exploring future challenges, risks and trends related to the environment, society, technology and the economy.
  • Part 2 reflects on the role of education in times of social and ecological transformation, highlighting the important role of transformative education.  
  • Part 3 provides an insight into the types of learning which may be more suited to coping with these numerous challenges, and how transformative learning develops the cognitive abilities to learn from the social and historical shortcomings of the dominant world-view and to address the driving forces responsible for degradation of life on the planet. 

The publication is now available in Bridge 47’s Resource Library.