This publication features ten case studies of organizations and initiatives from around the world that are committed to bringing about positive changes in society and strive to do that in different ways. 

Working in diverse social, cultural and political contexts, the organizations and initiatives presented in this publication seek to address the systemic inequalities, injustices and harm they perceive as important. They strive to do that in ways that correspond to their analysis of the problems, their respective theories of change and their available means and resources. Although highly diverse in the ways they approach social change, these organizations and initiatives emphasize the importance of learning and unlearning in their work. This applies in equal measure to those initiatives with an explicitly education-oriented mission and to those that work on other approaches to social change, such as different practices of (internal) organizational transformation.

It is written by Rene Suša, on behalf the Bridge 47 project. You can find it in the "resources" section on this website.