Cross-sector partnerships are specifically endorsed as a means of strengthening the means of SDG implementation and Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is a great tool for helping partners to develop mutual understanding, find common ground and agree effective collaborative actions.

Such cross-sectoral partnerships can also advance the mission of GCE by expanding our support base among CSOs, policy makers, academic, public and private sectors, as well as our reach to new learners, thus increasing the potential for greater transformative impact. This might mean building partnerships with actors whose practices may seem contradictory to the values and approaches of GCE or with actors who have not had prior engagement with GCE.

Over the last few years, Bridge 47 has created the space to experiment with new GCE partnerships and develop innovative ways of working in order to gain learning and evidence of how such partnerships can advance the mission of GCE. We know that there are many more examples of such partnerships taking place amongst our network members globally.

As such, we are inviting you to share these with us so we can share them with the wider network through our publications and/or communications channels. If you have an interesting GCE related partnership with a non-CSO sector/organisation such as the police, health service, government, media, trade unions or other sectors, we would love to hear from you!

Please email an initial summary (max 300 words) about your partnership to including the sector(s) involved, the aims, activities and impact of the partnership and how it helped to advance the mission of GCE, by 19 March.