Launching today, a new guide for policy makers in the Scottish Government has been co-created through a collaboration between Government and civil society organisations in Scotland.

The partnership was established back in February 2020 between the National Performance Framework (NPF) team at the Scottish Government, the IDEAS network, SDG Network Scotland, Scotland’s International Development Alliance, and Oxfam Scotland – all supported by Bridge 47.

This is Scotland’s way of localising the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).It was felt that creating this guide would be beneficial to policy makers in order to incorporate both frameworks more effectively into the policy making process including at the stages of developing, implementing and evaluating policy

The resource has two main parts. The first half features a general overview of the SDGs, Scotland’s National Performance Framework, and how the two are interlinked. The second half uses a Global Citizenship Education approach to provide practical, interactive, activities to explore how to apply the NPF and SDGs in the policy making process in an inclusive and reflective way. Along with highlighting the importance of transformative education and SDG Target 4.7, the resource also signposts how Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development can ensure a joined-up way of approaching sustainability issues.

Policy is a mechanism for creating change. Ensuring that the policy produced in Scotland is inclusive and takes a holistic view of systemic problems, underpinned by Global Citizenship Education aims and values, is part of trying to ensure more positive impacts for both people and planet.

The guide will now be hosted on the intranet of the Scottish Government for internal use but is also available to a wider audience at the link below.