This is a communications toolkit, developed on the basis of the 'values and frames' framework. It contains practical examples on how how to reframe problematic or undesired images and messages in development discourse (in awareness raising and education) so that they align better with the kind of values (and frames) that organizations wish to promote.

Using very accessible language and visual imagery this toolkit offers a valuable introduction into the topics of 'values and frames', including 'deep frames' – the ones that are at the core of our understandings and of how we relate to the world.

This toolkit emerged as a results of a two-days workshop, organised by DEEEP for members of the European development sector. In includes inputs from the following organisations: Dochas, Think Global, Reframing the Message and DevReporter.

The toolkit uses the example of 'development' to illustrate productive and counter-proactive ways of communicating this term (and structural problem related to development) to other audiences. The toolkit showcases illustrative examples of how very different the representations of development can be – ranging from ones that support post-development approaches, to such that support charity-based or neoliberal understandings of the term.