The Maastricht declaration represented the first broadly agreed-on policy document on global education within a European context. It set in motion many of the subsequent policy, advocacy and strategic efforts, especially in relation to integration of global education practice into the formal education system. The strategy framework agreed on lasted until 2015 and subsequent congresses in Lisbon (2012) and Zagreb (2015) tried to extend its relevance to the new contexts.

This document arguably presents the key reference point for GCE in the European context. Apart from the Pan-European congresses, regional events have also been organized annually over the last 10 years, building up to a substantial database of policy recommendation from various parts of Europe. The Maastricht declaration and the resulting strategic and policy recommendation from various North-South Center sponsored events that have happened since 2002 represent a vast database of examples of what has already been tried in the European context in relation to G(C)E policy.

The NsC website offers a documentation of all their conferences and other policy-related events since 2009. As such – in combination with other more recent documents that report on the current state of affairs in the field of GCE in Europe they can help create a historic perspective of what kind of debates (on GCE policy) have been going on for a very long time and with what kind of success (or a lack thereof) have they been met.