This toolkit is designed for CSOs that work in the development field and wish to make their work more effective by putting the Istanbul Principles (on development effectiveness) into practice.

This toolkit contains guidelines on how to operationalise the Istanbul principles through institutional transformation and through building new partnerships and alliances. It offers tools for analysis of institutional (internal and external) contexts and a set of questions that can help organisation reflect and improve on their practice.

Although it was created with a specific purpose of development work, it offers a set of reflexive questions and principles that can also be used by CSOs (and other organisations) working on related topics, mainly to examine their own positions and understandings.

Being built on the Istanbul Principles, the toolkit does not engage in a critical reflection of the Principles themselves, although it does offer some questions that can help CSOs build their own interpretation of how they understand each of them in their context.

This toolkit was produced by Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness.