A new publication ‘Building Knowledge Exchange Partnerships Dialogues Across Europe’ shares some of the experiences learned from this area of the Bridge 47 project.

The Knowledge Exchange Partnerships hosted expert events, on site and online, carried on networking and exchange, disseminated information about GCE on other platforms and collectives, and came together for specific activities, such as workshops, webinars, publications, with the support of the larger Bridge 47 network. 


During the winter of 2020/2021, EADI brought together a core group of allies at an online conference to debate on the encounters and dis-encounters between GCE and ESD and best practices for future cooperation between higher education and CSO experts. The aim of the conference was to reflect on and summarise the processes and experiences of the knowledge partnerships during the Bridge 47 project and wrap up recommendations for research and action/practice.

The Bridge 47 Knowledge Exchange Partnerships were also the basis for supporting a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to provide online learning on global citizenship. The dissemination of this Knowledge Exchange Partnership publication is to inspire persons and organisations who want to set up their own knowledge partnerships in the future.

EADI’s main aim has been to bridge the work of researchers and practitioners while disseminating and facilitating global citizenship exchanges to coordinate the outcomes of the Bridge 47 Project among EADI’s members and beyond through further activities and replicate the Bridge 47 outputs. The participants of the Knowledge Exchange Partnerships have been active contributors in the activities organised by Bridge 47.

This work has been encapsulated in the Knowledge Exchange Partnerships publication.