In this special Bridge 47 Network mini-podcast,  Elisabeth Feigl (Umbrella Association of Adult Education Centers in Austria) tells us all about why BarCamps are a unique place to share and learn.

Elisabeth is personally experienced in BarCamps and can tell you more about what to expect, and why this opportunity is worth tapping into. 

You can listen to Elisabeth's mini-podcast here.

As you may have heard, Bridge 47 has a BarCamp coming up on November 24. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, you might be wondering exactly what this is and what makes it unique. 

The heart of "Global BarCamp 4.7" is to dig deep into Transformative Education, Global Citizenship Education and Target 4.7. The format is special because, unlike traditional events or webinars, everything is participant led. This means that we have no specific agenda or schedule until participants decide that agenda once the event begins. The sessions are led by participants, and everyone is welcome to join the sessions that interest them. Everyone is encouraged to speak up and get actively involved as much as they can.

The level of ownership that participants find in a Barcamp often leads to an atmosphere of spontaneity, creativity and connection that is different from other types of organizer led events. 

Incase you are feeling shy, curious or uncertain, Elisabeth might just inspire you to go ahead and sign up for this totally different kind of event. We also understand that it can be challenging to step away from a busy workday for another virtual seminar, but we believe that BarCamp could offer a breath of fresh air and connection that you will appreciate. 

You are warmly welcome.

To join us on November 24th and learn more, register at the link here. There are only a few days left to sign up, and we hope to see you there!


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