In the past two years, Slovene NGO platform for development, global education and humanitarian aid (SLOGA) and Slovene Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) joined forces on many occasions. Collaboration brought fruitful results and naturally led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at the end of February 2020.

Since 1991, SIAE has been the main national institution for research and development, quality and education, guidance and validation, and promotional and informative activities in the field of adult education. Next year they will thus complete our third decade of successfully promoting the development of adult education and cooperation in establishing a culture of lifelong learning.

SIAE drafts professional bases and evaluations, and monitors the development of the adult education system, develops various non-formal and formal forms of learning, develops programmes to improve adult literacy, and pays particular attention to improving access by vulnerable groups of adults to education and learning. In doing so, SIAE develops the necessary infrastructure to support learning, develops models for the self-evaluation of quality and the validation of prior learning, and provides professional education and training for adult educators. The SIAE informs professionals and the general public about all of these processes and achievements, and contributes to the broader awareness of the importance and role of adult education.

SIAE basic mission is to make quality education and learning more accessible to all people living in Slovenia according to the principles of free choice and equal opportunities. They believe that confident, educated, learning citizens that are able to face changes and are determined to change their living and working environment represent the best comparative advantage of Slovenia. A key necessity in our modern times is developed human, cultural and social capital, which is crucial to overcome the crisis situation and to enable equal co-creation of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

By signing MoU both parties commit themselves to continue the professional approach and activities on the fields of mutual interest, such as Global Citizenship Education, Sustainable Development Goals, adult education, climate change, migration, gender equality, poverty, education and lifelong learning. They will support each other and include the other partner in their activities, and advocacy work. They will seek for future joint project even after the conclusion of Bridge 47 project, were partnership was initially sought after.

About the Author

Patricija Virtič

Position: National Officer - Slovenia
Phone number: 0038640204464

Patricija contributes to policy and advocacy in support of Target 4.7, supports the Bridge 47 Network, and coordinates the 4.7. policy working groups.