Sandra Morrison

Bridge 47 Network member, Sandra Morrison of Waikato University, tells us the beautiful story of her community effort to form a school for Māori students in New Zealand; a school that embodies, teaches and honors their culture. This is an inspiring tale of a Māori community's journey to found a school for their children. The school and the story grow with those students over time, from pre-school all the way to university.



About the Author

Sandra Morrison

Sandy employs a strengths-based approach to teaching which seeks to promote students’ critical engagement with historical discourses, social and cultural meanings, and power relations. She believes every student brings a range of experiences, ancestral knowledge, memory and insights into the teaching space. These are honoured, and provide the platform for building knowledge, reflecting on knowledge and making knowledge relevant.

Her current position as the Assistant Dean (Academic) for the University of Waikato’s Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies allows her to continue to challenge the thinkers of tomorrow and concentrate on her research interests around Treaties, Adult Education and Indigenous Development.