Bridge 47 was presented at The Global Education Network meeting Of North South Centre of Council of Europe's annual meeting which took place in Colares, Portugal from 29-31 January, 2020! This is an important acheivement, and Bridge 47 was very pleased to be involved. We are thankful to our own Patricija Virtič, (SLOGA, National officer Slovenia) for giving the presentation and generating more and new global interest in the Bridge 47 project.

What is it?

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe (NSC) develops and implements its Global Education (GE) programme activities with the support of the Global Education Network: 40 national coordinators from Council of Europe member States and Morocco (NSC member State), representing Civil Society Organisation platforms or Ministries of Education.

More concretely, the GE network liaises the North-South Centre’s activities in the field of global education pedagogical support and advocacy, and coordinates as well the Global Education Week (GEW) the NSC annual flag-ship awareness-raising campaign. The GE network meets annually to assess the progress made in terms of advocacy, pedagogical support and networking. 

You can Learn more about the North South Center and Global Education here or check out the video below!


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