Bridge 47 is delighted to announce that we will be running a series of three-day online training (105 mins each day) on ‘Purposeful Partnerships: Engaging New Sectors in Global Citizenship Education’.

The training is designed to disseminate the learning from Bridge 47’s partnerships work with other sectors (e.g. the private sector, media, and trade unions) to GCE practitioners and CSO staff across Europe.

Day 1: Why Partnerships?

· Discuss how partnerships with other sectors can support the mission of Global Education - a fair and sustainable world

· Explore different types of partnerships from the philanthropic to the transformative

· Map potential partners/sectors and their links to sustainable development

· Reflect on examples of cross-sector Global Education partnerships in other countries

Day 2: Communicating Your Purpose

· Reflect and gain clarity on your purpose

· Explore the power of the Global Education method of storytelling for communicating your purpose

· Consider the importance of tone of voice

· Create a story to communicate your purpose to prospective partners (Your pitch!)

Day 3: The Partnership Journey

· Reflect on the stages of the partnerships journey

· Share your experiences of partnerships

· Role-play an initial meeting with a prospective partner

· Gain insight and tips on identifying, initiating and sustaining a successful partnership

If you’re interested in the training and from the following countries (you need to be based in one of the listed countries in order to participate in your corresponding national event), please contact us for more information:

· Estonia (19-21 Jan, 11am-12:45pm EET)

· Bulgaria (26-28 Jan, 3pm-4:45pm EET)

· Ireland (March, TBC)

· Slovakia (April, TBC)

· Finland (May, TBC)