In January, Ambrela as a partner of Bridge 47 in Slovakia together with high-school students from OpenLab have officially started the development of a B47 video game focusing on the themes of Global Citizenship Education.

Even though the current situation means a lot of challenges for all of us, the development process continues and the game is starting to take shape. Here are some updates.

B47 game does not have a name yet, although the students working on it like to use the working title ‘EcoGame’. The game is being developed as a prototype 2D top-down construction and management simulation (CMS) with multiple game modes for mobile devices (Android, for now; iOS in the future).

The core gameplay is oriented on controlling robots and using them to collect and recycle resources on a polluted planet and also to clean away the pollution. A player will be able to use the robots to build multiple buildings, and purchase upgrades as well. The mechanics are still a work-in-progress but the game is fun to play even without finished graphics which is important.

video call and presentation
These days, students communicate via video calls and use screen sharing to present their work.

The student team working on a game under the supervision of the professionals from PowerPlay Studio has made considerable progress over the last two months. Even though performance optimization caused some difficulties and hindered the development for a while, everything is back on track now.

Programming on the core of the game is in the late stages as is the game design. The upcoming months will be focused mostly on polishing game features and mechanics, and implementing new graphics and animations. Ambrela will be working with the students to integrate a fitting narrative into the gameplay which will provide players not only with fun experience but also allow them to learn a thing or two about the environmental aspects of GCE.

While the primary aim of this project is to showcase what gamification of GCE can look like, at the same time it is equally important to provide students working on the game with skills and new experience. Ambrela strives to provide a good practice example for both innovative implementations of GCE and cooperation with the younger generation on its execution. The enthusiasm of the students working on this project suggests it is a step in the right direction.

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