How do you accurately sum up an event like the whirlwind of Envision 4.7? It is not an easy thing to do given the breadth and depth of discussion last week in Helsinki. However, the resulting policy roadmap for SDG Target 4.7 will act as both a summary and a legacy from the event. This document is the end product or ‘baby’ of 18 working sessions, including 196 people, from 54 countries, carried out over two days.

The completed roadmap is now available, but there are some things it wont capture. The completed roadmap won’t capture the conference-wide consternation caused by the most dreaded of acronyms – SMART. It won’t explicitly mention the long hours the drafting group sat caged (figuratively) in a corner of the restaurant on the second night. It won’t reference the looks I received as rapporteur for one working group when I asked questions that began – “Um, yes but have you thought about...” The frustration and the determination, the genuine passion for Global Citizenship Education and the very real need for caffeine.

This document was shaped and influenced by the expertise and insight of everyone who came to the conference, but it does not end here. This is just the beginning. Bridge 47 is calling on this collective knowledge and community of experts to continue moving these recommendations forward as we all aim to achieve SDG Target 4.7 and use transformative education as a mechanism for achieving all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sitting back home at my desk in an unusually sunny Scotland I am tired but happy. Happy to have been part of this process and happy to be working with Bridge 47 and everyone I encountered over the last few days on the road ahead.

Please find the Envision 4.7 Roadmap attached!

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Eleanor Dillon

Position: National Officer - Scotland
Phone number: +44 0131 225 5959

Eleanor is the national officer of IDEAS, based in Scotland. She is a member of the Advocacy Team.